X-Rated Fairy Tale Art Contest Winner: AmourEtLuxure!

Dec 24, 2019

After much delay, the time has finally come to announce the winner of the X-Rated Fairy Tale Art Contest! This was the closest contest vote we've seen, with the top two neck and neck for much of the vote. But there can only be one, and...

X-Rated Fairy Tale Art Contest – November/December 2019 – Winner Announcement

The winner of the X-Rated Fairy Tale Art Contest is AmourEtLuxure! Congratulations AmourEtLuxure! Their entry And the Forest Nymphs Danced, featuring a futanari fairy foursome, claimed victory in a very competitive field, and we can see why. The composition has everything from blowjob to rimming, plus an unexpected cumshot, breasts of unusual size (that is, one of the girls is a small breasted -- you don't see that a lot in 3DX), and just a dash of tongue-out aheagao. Yum! Nice work AmourEtLuxure!

AmourEtLuxure also included this description with the entry.

What came for them was a particular fairy with an insatiable hunger for their seed. The entire village would have their turn nonstop until they were spent.

It stood to reason since this only happened once or twice a moon's cycle. She could not find release anywhere else, for she was much too small for her usual companion.

The nymphs and this particular fairy would rest soundly tonight.

Sounds like a fairy tale we'd like to read. Anyway, be sure to check out the full image at AmourEtLuxure's gallery and give them a follow. Once again, congratulations AmourEtLuxure!

Top 10 Contestants

We’d also like to thank the Top 10, who spun some incredibly sexy stories with their artwork. Please congratulate the Top 10 artists from the X-Rated Fairy Tale contest: CrazySky3D, DangerousLines, DialupHero, Hold, Katie3dx, Lamuserie, Powerup3DX, Taidoro, and Vektor. These entries were all exceptional, and the artists deserving of your attention.

Media Highlight Artist: AmourEtLuxure

Today's Media Highlight artist is, of course, the contest winner AmourEtLuxure. This 3DX artist has been featured in the contest top 10 before for their Halloween entry, and we look forward to learning more about them with our artist interview. We highly suggest you check out their gallery for more beautiful, tantalizing images. AmourEtLuxure has a fondness for compositions of kissing, which we always like to see.

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