Slushe artists help raise money for charity!

Mar 04, 2020

Hey Slusheans! Just in case you hadn’t seen it already, we wanted to let you know that the charity bundle your favorite artists put together last month is now available at! Eighteen 3DX artists contributed 299 images and 3 animations to the A3D and Slushe Australian Bushfire Charity Bundle in an effort to raise funds for the people and wildlife impacted by the catastrophic fires in Australia this year.

If you participated in the creation of this bundle, thank you again so much for your submissions. Generosity always makes things brighter when times are hard, so know that your contributions will be felt by the people and wildlife in Australia. Thank you again to 3Dzen, Amour et luxure, Antropox, Chimera46, DaToka69, FantasyErotic, Fab3DX, Forged3DX, GrandEnoHlaalu, JT2XTREME, LazyDreamer3D, Miki3dx, Morfium, SaintsGringo, Scorpio69Art, SilusCrow, SilverWolvie 3D, and The Dude for your generous contributions! If you aren't already following these artists please give them some love!

By the way, if you didn’t have a chance to participate, but would still like to help out with the fundraising by boosting the efforts of your fellow artists! Sharing the product link with your fans and followers will help increase the visibility of our charity drive, which should help increase sales! The bundle is just $9 for nearly 300 images and a few animations, so it’s a fantastic deal. Plus, your contributions may help a wombat. You'd really like a wombat if you met one, trust us.

Anyway, thank you again for supporting this charity effort. We were shocked at how generous artists have been with their time and effort, and fans have been with their hard earned dollars. Thank you for helping to make this charity drive a success!

Gallery Artists

Today's Media Highlight obviously comes from the A3D and Slushe Australian Bushfire Charity Bundle contributors. The eighteen artists mentioned above are featured in the gallery in the following order: Forged3DX, JT2XTREME, Miki3dx, SaintsGringo, Chimera46, Amour et luxure, 3Dzen, Antropox, Fab3DX, FantasyErotic, GrandEnoHlaalu, DaToka69, SilverWolvie 3D, Scorpio69Art, SilusCrow, The Dude, Morfium, and LazyDreamer3D. To see the full collections, head over to the A3D product page and grab a copy for yourself. Remember, all sales go to charity so if you were ever going to buy some porn -- or convince someone else to -- now is the time!

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