Juridus the Mermaid

Apr 18, 2020

Recent commission work for a client's OC based in the Warhammer 40K universe (yes, really)

Long story short, he wanted her to look like Ariel.

Y'know. From the Little Mermaid.

Felt like writing a bit of a story to accompany this, based on pieces of conversations I had with the client. Enjoy!

Juridus was a Vox Operator in a squad of Cadian Kasrkin that was sent to a small outpost on a remote ocean planet. But the planet has a special effect on outsiders like her, aided by the local inhabitants who keep her entranced and obedient for the time required for the transformation to take place through prolonged exposure.

While the majority of the mermaids are native to the planet, there are also a few non-natives such as Juri's own squadmates and previous survey teams that went missing exploring the surface of this world.

While she is as tough and capable as typical of Cadians, Juridus has often wondered about fantasy worlds and is not overzealous like most soldiers of the Astra Militarum, and she has a strong desire to live and find a different life beyond the grimdark universe. It's this desire that the mermaids have sensed in her, and something more, that they've chosen her to become more than their newest addition, but with a greater role.

As the young solder lay there, the mermaids gently removed her carapace armor and rugged uniform, letting the changes take place. Her short red mop of hair grew in length and volume, silken smooth with a healthy shine to them. Her gaunt and battle-worn face smoothed, the scars of past battles gone. Her modest chest blossomed, unbounded into such bountiful breasts tipped with soft pink nipples. Her slender waist curved down to widening hips as scales began to cover her primitive legs that soon merged and transformed to a graceful new tail, the delicate fins belying their power within her new domain.

When Juridus came to, she could scarcely believe what happened to her. She felt the unfamiliar heaviness of her breasts, their delicate weight and perkiness that filled her with an unfamiliar instinct. She looked down to where her legs were, now replaced by a shiny green tail that she felt curl and twist effortlessly to her command, their movement quickly felt more natural than her former bipedal form as she marveled at the luster of her gem-like scales. 

But more than her physical transformation, Juridus felt something within her: a freedom from her mortal coil, liberated from the callous obligations of her previous life. She had awakened to a new purpose that had been bestowed upon her, as the mermaids looked to her to become their new matriarch. And she embraced her new role wholeheartedly.

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