Interview with the Public Exposure Contest Winner SqaurePeg3D

Sep 09, 2020

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Congratulations on winning the Public Exposure contest, SquarePeg. You’ve given us a classic theme that evokes both public and private eroticism, and you’ve portrayed it beautifully. Tell us a little about the inspiration for your piece.

Thank you so much! It was super fun to participate in, and frankly I never thought I'd be the one selected, let alone being in the top ten. There were so many great entries from so many amazing artists! As you mentioned, I wanted to capture both a public and private sensuality in my piece; I've always been a fan of subverting a theme or putting a different spin on it! As for inspiration, I've always been a fan of the sort of "out in the open intimacy" that onsens and hot springs exude. Further, orcs and elves together has always seemed "taboo" in many fantasy works, and I thought it would be fun to explore what happens when we think no other eyes are watching.

How long have you been making 3DX art? How did you get started?

I delved into 3D art around a decade ago, but under a different name - The Wicked. Funny enough I had planned on becoming a 2D artist at the beginning, only intending to use Daz and 3D applications in general to help as a sort of visual pose reference to assist me in my drawing. After really playing around with Daz however I started to really like the possibilities and everything just sort rolled from there!

Describe your creative process. What tools do you use, and what do you draw inspiration from?

Well it definitely all starts with coffee! Aside from that I use a good slew of tools to help with the whole process. Daz, Blender, Wrap, XNALara, GIMP, and a handful of others depending on what is required for a certain piece. I'm not a master of any of them, even using the most generous definitions, but thankfully I rather enjoy being a jack of all trades. As for inspiration, that's something a bit harder to tack down. Many of my long-term followers know that I'm something of a flighty person, flitting from one project to another. Much of what I do is heavily-rooted in a foundation of whims or things that I think would be fun to explore. For every finished project I've released, I must have around seven unfinished ones. Where I find an unending well of inspiration however is in the inherent sensuality of the late Frank Frazetta's work.

Totally with you on coffee. What’s your go to brew?

Hooboy...anything I can get my hands on mostly! I've given up sugar for almost a year now, and it's really given me a deeper appreciation of the differences between different brews. I'm always a fan of the darker roasts though! Sometimes if I'm feeling naughty though I'll have an affair with my other mistress, tea.

Is there anything from your earlier foray into 2d art that you feel has helped you define your style in 3DX?

Not so much my own work, but I can definitely say 2D artists in general help shape my own 3D style. I've always found 2D to have a certain "je ne s'ais quoi" that I try like hell to emulate in my own work when possible. It's hard to fully explain but one word I always like to throw around is "kinetic" when describing artists I really admire. There's palpable energy and passion in a piece when an artist is really into what they're creating, and I love seeing that.

Do you listen to music or watch something in the background while you create? If so, what do you enjoy most?

I literally cannot work without music or ambience. Synthwave, 90's and 80's pop, anything Maynard Keenan, Mongolian metal, classical...I'm a slut for many types of music, and each genre fits a different bill depending on what I'm doing. One thing my friends can tell you is how much I loathe dialoguing my work, and it's an impossible task for me without ambient thunderstorms and maybe some Gregorian chanting serenading me.

What is your favorite fantasy that you can only show through your art?

I have to say one of my favorite subjects is sexual competition, and it has been since ever since the beginning. To me, fighting and sex are two facets of the same gem...both can be animalistic or methodical, dominating or passionate, rough or tender. It's exploring the two together that really lights the fire of my imagination, envisioning two opponents and lovers struggling to be on top

Do you have any advice for artists and writers; generally, and specific to 3DX?

Never get comfortable with your work, always challenge yourself, and diversify your knowledge. As I stated earlier, I personally am acquainted with numerous programs that help fill specific needs. Don't be afraid of honest criticism, but also try to be aware of the things that make your art unique. Capitalize on your strengths, improve upon your weaknesses, and explore niches.

If you'll allow me to wax philosophical a moment, I must also say "be kind." Here lately I've noticed a disturbing trend of artists attacking one another for their choice of program, content, or even just asking for help. We all start blind and dumb in our chosen fields, and it's only through personal determination and the kindness of others that we are able to overcome challenges. Veterans and newcomers alike know it's already difficult enough making a name for ourselves and standing apart from the crowd without someone pulling you further down. Be compassionate to your fellow artists. Force yourself to remember where you came from. Adult creators are being censored and banned across numerous platforms on an almost weekly basis, and it's so easy to be overwhelmed without the support and empathy of one another. Be the mentor you wish you had when you started. Be kind.

What themes do you want to explore in the future?

Probably the most difficult question you've asked me! The idea I've been bashing around in the void I call my head is something Shadowrun fans might be interested in, but it's gonna take quite a bit more knowledge on my part to pull it off! Until then I guess you guys will just have to settle for more orcs and elves! =P

Shadowrun, huh? We’ll be looking forward to it. Is tabletop gaming another source of inspiration for you?

I unfortunately never got a big enough taste of tabletop gaming to really be able to use it as inspiration, I'm afraid. I briefly delved into Dungeons and Dragons a few years ago, though, and even did some character portraits for myself and friends! Even though I haven't done much TTRPG'ing, I have mad respect for those world's creators construct for players, as well as the worlds and stories that players themselves make. I'm reminded of the artist R4Draws who created and is still developing a lewd D&D-inspired setting, as well as another artist - Taliyah Kashmir - who is doing an incredible job of designing potions and other items for their own nefarious purposes; some of which I felt inspired to collaborate with her to make 3D versions of.

Anything else you would like to say to your fans?

I want to say thank you to everyone who follows my work. Whether you're a financier or a follower, new or old, I can't thank you wonderful people enough for all the amazing support I've been given through the years. If I had to wish for anything, it's that I continue to be deserving of such incredible fans. Seriously, thank you.

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