Goth Art Contest Winner: Elyria Steele!

Oct 24, 2019

The graveyard sex scene is a classic goth fantasy. It seems you all agreed, voting for our Goth art contest winner, Elyria Steele!

Goth Art Contest – October 2019 – Winner Announcement

Elyria, as Peter Steele would say: “Oh baby, Lily Munster ain’t got nothing on you.” This is your second win, so the bats have left the bell tower, for now. Seriously though, congratulations.

Simply titled (or is it?) Goth Contest Submission, Elyria’s work features Luna, her eyeliner streaked with tears of ecstasy, in submission to the pleasures coaxed out of her by Scarlet and Morrigan. Naturally, they all have appropriately gothic names and attire.

If you haven’t seen Elyria’s winning entry, head over to her profile and enjoy. Be sure to congratulate her and give a follow while you’re there. Swoon with envy at her shiny golden winners badge too. Silver would be the appropriately goth color, but we have to stay consistent here.

Top 10 Contestants

We’d also like to thank the Top 10, whom gave us their own delicious visions (un)dressed in black. Join us in congratulating Antropox, DissidentHellion, Forsaken, GrandEnoHlaalu, NoFitState, Olympus3DX, Powerup3DX, SilusCrow, and Sostene. Their work was amazing too, and earned them a spiffy Top 10 badge, so it’s no time to cry.

Media Highlight Artist: Elyria Steele

Naturally, Elyria Steele’s winning work is our Media Highlight. Check out her profile for plenty more sexy work, and follow to stay updated. You can also check out her Patreon for more.

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