From Our World To Yours - Thank You

Apr 21, 2020

All Models Depicted Are 18+ Also...nah, I got nothing.

This is not a world building piece, no story, no gibber jabber. Just the girls.

A few days ago, you may or may not know, I celebrated passing 3000 watchers at DA, an important milestone for my humble gallery.

I wanted to do an image to also celebrate the moment so here it is.

Since the Elf girls, the Four Seasons in particular,  have been a major part of the time period since passing 2000 I felt they would be the best models for this.

I said what I wanted to say in my journal entry on the matter so I won't repeat myself here other than to say Thank You again. I think the girls here do it better anyway.

After deciding to start posting Winter in the nude, I could not think of a better moment to debut her as such than as part of a celebration. So, yes, there she is, Winter with her girly bits out. (edit: I will say I still agonised with my finger over the submit button for some time tonight) I thought I made her a lot taller during her complete physical rework but when I put her with the others she is such a shortie in comparison. As per canon, Summer and Winter are first cousins and that can be seen easily here when in one image under the same sunlight.

I hope the wait has been worth it for those of you who were wishing for this day smile.gif I need now to rethink and rebuild her grove image and I do still have that image I teased about a week ago to post now but please be patient because, well, see below.

I've been a bit quiet again since passing that milestone and my tone here might sound a touch weary. Some of my health issues (including the knees and hand) have been super aggravated this week and I've not had the strength to be around the PC. Even making this image took far far longer than it should have but I managed to get it done. Forgive any issues. I was only going to do the four Seasons but whacked the other two in as a sort of honour guard. They all have such different skin tones it was hard to balance that out, so probably failed there. On reflection, I should have kept it to the four main girls but I had already rendered the image off and not had the capacity to rework the scene.

Oh well. It's all about the girly bits anyway, let's not deny it.

That's all for now. Really feel like crap and going back to bed. It's like 2.30 am but was hungry so thought I'd post this while I ate something.

Will be checking in for comments when I can during moments of lucidity I guess. There are several hundred watch notifications on my feed that I have no idea how I will get through just yet. Will try to pick at them when I pop in to respond to any comments.

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