Development Update #13

Jul 02, 2019

*Media Highlight Image by artist DialupHero



Last Wednesday we successfully moved Slushe to a new server. The server migration has improved the overall site performance and we’ve increased the storage capacity for media. If you experienced any unusual slowness while browsing the site or if you witnessed any error pages prior to the server migration, those issues should now no longer occur. If you do notice anything out of the ordinary, please report it through the forum or the contact form


We’ve given users the ability to edit and delete the comments they’ve left on posts. When you view your own comment, you will see two new icons on the right side of the comment. 

  • Pencil icon - click to edit your comment
  • X icon - click to delete your comment. (Please note this action is instantaneous and cannot be undone.) 


We have added Post Media shortcut icons to the Timeline and Blog feeds. This makes the posting feature easily accessible to artists while they’re browsing through their timeline or blog pages. 


  • As with the traditional Post Media editor, you can only use the shortcuts if you’re logged into your user account. 
  • Click on a shortcut icon to open the post editor. The editor works exactly the same way as the traditional Post Media editor, except it will open inside of the feed.
  • If you want to stop editing, click the white ‘X’ icon in the top right corner of the feed. (Any text you entered will be saved. Any uploaded media will not be saved.)
  • If you want to switch to a different post type, click on one of the other icons. (Any text you entered will be moved to the next post type you select. Any uploaded media will not be moved or saved.) 

The shortcuts are available in all view settings (e.g. Gallery, Blog, Fixed Width Blog). Artists, please try out the shortcuts and let us know what you think of this feature. 


Some users have reported seeing posts that are miscategorized and/or tagged. To ensure that categories are assigned appropriately, we will do some maintenance in the future to clarify the meaning of each category to users when they upload a new post.  

For the time being we have added an inappropriate category / tag option to the flag form. If you see a post that has been miscategorized or tagged in a misleading way, you may flag it. If a post should be categorized under one of the opt-in categories but it isn’t, you may also flag it. One of the moderators will review the post and address the issue.    


  • The age verification pop-up is no longer delayed. It should now appear as soon as the site has loaded, so it won’t interfere with logging in or registering an account. 
  • Previously when the word ‘admin’ was included in the title of a post, clicking on the post could redirect a user to the administrator login page. That’s been resolved. 
  • We resolved an issue that prevented Android devices from playing videos correctly. 
  • We resolved an issue that caused thumbnail images not to be generated correctly for a user’s video post. This has been corrected so thumbnail images should auto-generate normally again. 
  • We resolved an issue on the homepage gallery that prevented a user’s video post from displaying in the Most Likes gallery.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented the 'Remember Me' option from displaying in the login window for mobile users. 
  • We fixed a bug that prevented a user from saving their email and site notification settings.
  • We fixed a bug that caused the search engine on the Artists page to return incorrect search results.
  • We fixed a bug that caused tags in site posts to return incorrect search results.


Waking up early becomes easy if you have a pleasurable treat to look forward to, as we see in today's Media Highlight. The artwork is called Early to Rise, created by DialupHero. Visit DialupHero's profile page and add them to your follows list for more of their alluring creations.  

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