Development Update #1

Dec 22, 2018

We’re going to start using the Slushe blog to keep all Slusheans informed about recent bug fixes and other important site enhancements. We’ll keep a log of the progress we’ve made with Slushe’s site development in blog posts labelled: Development Update.


Resolving Site Images Issue

Regarding the recent images issue in the gallery, we were able to restore a few of the images that went missing but not all of them. Please clear your browser cache before you check your gallery posts to see whether your images have been restored or not. If your images are still not visible after clearing your browser cache, then you may assume we are unable to retrieve them.

Re-uploading missing images

Our programmer has added an image uploader to the page editor of existing gallery posts. If your images are missing, then you can easily re-upload them to your existing posts. Just click the Edit icon on your post to go the page editor. The page editor now also enables you to delete images from your posts. When you add or remove images from your posts, the changes will be effective immediately.

Re-upload your missing images by December 25th

Please ensure that you upload your missing images by December 25th. Any images that haven't been uploaded by December 25th will be disabled and later removed.

Admin approval is no longer required

When you create a new gallery post, it will now be auto-approved by the system. Any posts you create and any changes you make afterwards do not require admin approval.

Artists can create new gallery posts again from now on

We are in the midst of implementing a CDN and we have already added a back-up system for our test site, which is creating daily backups of all the files in our media directory. This will allow us to recover files in the event of any data loss and prevent situations like this in the future. Please start filling Slushe’s galleries with your creations again and try out all of our new and improved features!

Recent Bug Fixes & Site Developments (2018/12/22)

Profile editor (profile fields) 

The profile fields under the Info tab in the profile editor have been reorganized for a smoother structure. Some fields have been relabelled and some unnecessary fields have been removed.

Profile editor (Avatar) 

Previously avatar images would not fully display even when users uploaded images with Slushe’s recommended size dimensions (200 (w) x 200 (h)). If you re-upload your avatar now, it should display the full image.

Profile editor (Gender) 

We’ve expanded the Gender field options from Male and Female to Questioning, Other and Rather Not Say. Slushe welcomes everyone regardless of their gender identity and/or expression. We're looking to expand the Gender field options further by adding a text field which will allow you to specify your gender yourself, in the near future.

Profile editor (Social media links)  

We’ve added more social media and website fields under the Social tab in the profile editor. Any links you add will display under your profile avatar as clickable icons.  

Profile page (URL) 

Profile page URLs without a / at the end, e.g. should now redirect accurately to a user’s page without any Page Not Found errors.

Media uploader (Description & Tags) 

The Description and Tags fields in the media uploader used to be required fields in order to submit a post to Slushe, but now they are optional.

Media uploader (Submission) 

Previously gallery posts needed to go through an admin approval queue before they were published to Slushe. Now they are auto-approved.

Media post (Edit / Delete buttons) 

The Edit and Delete buttons were previously only visible when creators viewed their own gallery posts through the Blog tab, but now creators should also have access to these buttons when viewing their posts through the Timeline tab.

Media post (Comments section) 

When a user clicks the Like, Favorite or List button on a creator’s gallery post, a notification will appear in the comments section of said gallery post. E.g. Person A liked this post. Person B favorited this post.  Person C listed this post.  

Media post editor (Editing information) 

Previously the Title, Description, Categories and Tags fields on the editor page did not retain any existing information and new information couldn’t be saved. That’s all fixed.

Media post editor (Editing images) 

The post editor now displays the thumbnail images of existing images. If you have multiple images, you can change the featured image. You can also delete images. We have added an image uploader to the page so you can add more images.

That’s all we’ve got to report about for now, but we’ll be back soon with another update.   

Also, we’ve created a List for these Development Update blog posts. If you look at our profile on the right, you’ll see a tab called Slushe’s favorite lists. You can click on the Slushe Development Updates List to follow it, so it’s easy for you to keep track of our site development reports.

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