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Jul 02, 2019

*Media Highlight image by artist Jared999D.

While meandering around on Slushe this week, you might notice that we've added a couple new categories to the site (Big Butt and Feet) for you to enjoy. To the user who pointed out the disparity in having a category for Big Dick and Big Tits, but not Big Butt, consider this our Boba Fett nod of acknowledging respect.

As an FYI, we'll be adding more categories to the site this month, so if you’d like to make a suggestion fee free to leave a comment or send us a message. We won’t necessarily implement every category that’s recommended to us, but if we’ve missed a particularly good one we’ll definitely work on adding it in the future.

Flagging Incorrectly Categorized or Tagged items

In addition to those categories, we also recently added “Inappropriate Category/Tag” as an option when reporting posts with the Flag button. This new option is intended for instances where there isn’t anything wrong with the content of the post itself, but the post has been incorrectly categorized or tagged in a way that either disrupts your enjoyment of the site or is flat out detrimental to the site.

What do we mean here? We’ll start with disruption. Let’s say you really like glory hole porn, and while searching for glory hole porn you noticed someone keeps tagging solo pin-up images with “glory hole” despite there not being a glory hole in sight. Whether the offending user is mistagging their content accidentally or purposefully, in this case you are welcome to report the post so a moderator can review it and update the categories and tags if needed.

As for detrimental instances, the main reason we have default filtered categories (e.g. dubcon, scat, zoophilia, etc.) on Slushe is to help users avoid niche genres of porn which tend to be divisive among users. If content that belongs in these filtered categories doesn’t get categorized properly, it won’t be filtered out of search results, which means users might end up seeing something they don't want to see. We’re generally keeping an eye out for this sort of thing already, but if you see something we'll definitely appreciate any help you have time to offer. Thanks!

Media Highlight by Artist: Jared999D

Today’s media highlight comes from 3DX artist Jared999D. We’ve featured Jared before, but this talented artist has a new title coming out this weekend which we’re excited to see. If you’re interested in checking it out with us, follow Jared999D on Slushe, or check out his available products at A3D.

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